Swift and Lower/Upper Bassi Ranches, Union Valley, California

Swift Ranch holdings, Union Valley, California February 1959. Rufus Swift owned all the Swift holdings on this map including Lower Bassi and Upper Bassi Ranches acquired earlier from the Bassi Estate. His holdings within the boundaries of the new lake at Union Valley were purchased by SMUD in order to build the dam and power houses on Silver Creek  and its branches in Union Valley.

 Swift Ranch Holdings

The Swift Ranch Holdings map kindly shared for the website history by Michal Kuhl, Swift and Lower/Upper Bassi Ranches. Lower Bassi Ranch dates from the early 1860s and is clearly annotated by the surveyor on the 1875 original survey of Township 12 North, Range 14 East Mount Diablo Meridan, Section 14 below in the upper left of 4 small boxes in Section 14 marked at 'House."  This is Lower Bassi Ranch in Union Valley.

1875 Survey Plat Union Valley, California


Michael Kuhl of Swift  and Lower/Upper Bassi Ranches, Union Valley, California, kindly provided the original pictures of Lower Bassi Ranch.