NHA 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation 2011 Centennial Committee

Committee  Members,  are:

Capt Paul Caine USN-Ret, Team Leader; Capt Walt Lester USN-Ret, Project Leader; Capt Vince Secades USN-Ret, Author; Capt Ted Sholl USN-Ret; Cdr Roger Mctighe USN-Ret; Cdr John Leach USN-Ret, Adjutant; Cdr Mike Brattland USN-Ret, Data Base/Web Site; Video, Researcher; Col Howie Whitfield USMC-Ret NHA Executive Director


  1. NHA Historical Pamphlet  Capt Vince Secades USN-Ret Author...For committee members, remember this pamphlet is a work in progress....the copy up here is in work and is simply a means to review changes made by Vince and myself......

  2. NHA Historical Pamphlet-Microsoft Publisher Copy

  3. NHA Historical Pamphlet-PDF Copy

  4. USS Midway CV-41 Ready Room #2 Briefing Video       This video was selected and delivered to the USS Midway on November 3, 2010 to be used hereafter in Ready Room #2

  5. USS Midway CV-41 Ready Room #2 Briefing Video-Alternate     This was the video if it was to be all SH-60  which would have gone into Ready Room #2 on USS Midway CV-41.

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