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                         Mike Brattland's '38 Willys Pickup Del Mar Nats April, 2002 and El Cajon Cruise Night 2003

Mike Brattland's 38 Willys Pickup going to Escondido Cruise Night Friday September 17, 2010...Pete Cowper handled the camera riding in Woody Downing's '49 Woody....The chatter back and forth is Pete and Woody, complaining about me and the hot rod...........

Take a ride with me inside a '38 Willys PIckup   or for another view try this video

Or the short video

OverDrive Hot Rod News Article and Photos August 1, 2012

Mike & Jon Brattland's recently acquired '66 Ford Fairlane GT

The new 1966 Ford Fairlane FE 390 GT Motor

My Old Cars.............Here is a shot of my first Porsche...circa '64 356C.....

Here are the pictures of the early construction of my Ford powered '38 Willys Pickup.   For historical purposes, here is a copy of the Want Ad picture on my Willys as it looked when I bought it in 1995....when it was advertised for sale in Dallas in Spring of 1995...I eventually bought it from a Huntington Beach guy who bought it in Dallas...I originally called on it in Dallas but it was too far for me. The vehicle originally started life with the Colby Mattress Company in Colby, Kansas. The pictures below were sent to me by the owner of the Colby Mattress Company. The letter explains the whole history of my Willys pickup.




 Here are details and the particulars on my swap of '47-54 Chevy Pickup headlights into my '37-38 Willys front fenders. They look like they belong. Everything you ever wanted to know about making the plastic top insert for a 1937-38 Willys Hood Ornament.  Tom Carver's article on Metal Dimples.

Willys Pickup build pictures.  My latest tech article on Willys Sun Visors...

Pete Cowper's RV-8 Project






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